Angel Decoration

Transform your used cardboard tubes into a sparkling angel, perfect as a festive home decoration or as a charming topper for the Christmas tree.

Angel Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 Hour (+drying time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the cardboard tube with the melt acrylic silver lustre paint and leave it to dry. Apply another coat if it is needed.
  2. Paint the medium polystyrene ball with the skin tone ready mixed paint and leave to dry.
  3. On gold self-adhesive glitter foam draw a wing shape that roughly shorter than the length of the cardboard tube. Cut the shape out. Flip it over and trace it on the foam and cut this shape out so that there are two wing shapes.
  4. Draw a ring just above the bottom of the cardboard tube. Leave a space and draw another ring around the middle of the tube. Brush on a layer of PVA glue onto the rings and carefully sprinkle on gold glitter. Put the tube to one side to dry.
  5. Cut roughly 30 – 35 pieces of yellow wool that is roughly 8cm long. Put a small amount of glue along the middle of the polystyrene ball and stick wool strands to one side. Repeat this on the other side and cover the top and back of the head with wool. Cut more wool if needed and leave the whole head to dry.
  6. Put a small amount of glue onto the inside edges of the foam wings. Stick them to either side of the back of the cardboard tube. Hold the wings in place as they dry.
  7. Stick the polystyrene ball to the top of the cardboard tube. Also stick two self-adhesive wiggle-eyes to the middle of the polystyrene ball, and two small pieces of yellow wool above the eyes to make eyebrows. Leave the model to dry.
  8. Twist the end of a gold pipe cleaner into a ring. Bend the ring forward and trim the straight length of the pipe cleaner. Stick the pipe cleaner to the top of the angel’s head and hold in place as it dries.
  9. Use a black felt tipped pen to draw on a smile and long eyelashes to the face of the angel. Using a pink tones paint, paint on two circles to the cheeks of the angel. Leave the whole angel to dry.
Angel Decoration Angel Decoration Angel Decoration

Top Tip

Stick the polystyrene ball onto the end of a pencil with blue tack to keep it in place as it is being painted. Also, use this trick to keep the ball elevated as it dries to avoid paint smudging.