Advent Light-Up Hanging Wreath

This glitter-loaded wreath with LED tea lights will really bring sparkle and light to your home.

Advent Light-Up Hanging Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Brush a layer of glue across the top of the rattan wreath and cover with iridescent white glitter. Tap off the excess glitter and put the wreath to one side.
  2. Repeat step 1 with 2 of the long pine cones and 2 bark stars. Leave to dry.
  3. Paint on a thin layer of glue to the sides of one of the tealights. Hold the sticky tealight over a piece of paper and slowly sprinkle the iridescent white glitter directly on top of the glue. Repeat this until the sides and top of the tealight are covered. Do not apply any glue or glitter on the tea light flame. Leave to dry.
  4. Repeat step 3 with 4 other tea lights, this time using red glitter. Leave to dry.
  5. Cut 18cm of red ribbon. Fold the ribbon so that both ends meet at the middle of the ribbon. Glue both ends down, but do not glue the edges. Repeat this with another 18cm of ribbon so that there are two pieces of a bow. Cut a 5cm piece of ribbon and carefully snip a small triangle out of the end to create the bow tail. Repeat this so you have two bow tails. Stick these to the back of the bow with the shiny side facing up. Take a 5cm piece of ribbon and stick that to the back of the bow whilst it’s still wet. Hold that end in place and carefully pull the ribbon between the tails to form the centre of the bow. Secure with more glue and leave to dry.
  6. Take 2 red wooden craft sticks. Measure them against the wreath and mark where the two sticks meet. Glue them together at that point. Set aside to dry.
  7. Warp a 7cm piece of ribbon around the wreath and glue down the edges. Put two red tealights either side and glue them to the wreath. Make sure you can still reach the on switch once the tealight has been glued down. Glue the other red tealights at the bottom of the wreath.
  8. Glue down two stars between the top and bottom tealights. Carefully stick the pinecones on the wreath below the ribbon piece.
  9. Stick the bow to the ribbon piece on the wreath. Leave to dry.
  10. Take the craft sticks from step 6 and glue one end down behind the ribbon bow. Glue the other down behind the pine cones.
  11. Stick down the white tealight at the join of the craft sticks. Make sure the tealight can still be switched on once its glued down.
  12. Glue a 15cm piece of jute twine to the back of the ribbon bow. Make a loop with the twine and make sure it is secure.
Advent Light-Up Hanging Wreath Advent Light-Up Hanging Wreath Advent Light-Up Hanging Wreath

Top Tip

If the glitter on the tealights is too sheer, wait for the tealights to dry before applying another coat of glitter and glue to create an extra-glittery candle.

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