Racing Car Helmet

Make a paper mache Racing Helmet that would work as a stand alone make or would pair perfectly with the Racing Car box costume. Have fun creating this brilliant masterpiece.

Racing Car Helmet

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1 hour + Drying Time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Mix up a glue solution out of 1/3 PVA to water in a bowl
  2. Blow up your balloon and be sure to make it big enough to fit on a head.
  3. Rip your paper or newspaper into strips and begin to layer them all over the balloon with a layer of glue in between each layer, continue over the entire balloon (leaving a hole at the bottom) you will need at least 5 layers but the more you do the stronger it will be.
  4. Leave this to dry overnight.
  5. Once completely dry pop the balloon and carefully remove it from the inside.
  6. Cut the hole at the bottom big enough to be able to put a head in and out easily.
  7. Then draw an arch shape at the front and cut this out for the face.
  8. Paint red and let dry.
  9. Print the pintables off and cut them out.
  10. Stick the stripe down the middle and the logos on each side. Create a small peak out of cardboard paint it black then glue it to the front.
  11. Paint a black line around the edge of the helmet.
Racing Car Helmet Racing Car Helmet Racing Car Helmet

Top Tip

You can use tissue paper or newspaper in place of printer paper if you like just add more layers.