Valentine Photo Stand

Make this charming heart photo stand to give to someone special this Valentine’s Day

Valentine Photo Stand

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint a stone using deco paint pots and decorate with sequins.
  2. Twist a pink and red pipe cleaner together.
  3. Wrap the twisted pipe cleaner around the stone to create a ‘stem’. Make sure the pipe cleaner is twisted as close as possible to the stone to make it more secure.
  4. Bend the top of the pipe cleaner into an ‘N’ shape to create a rook for the photo to sit in.
  5. Bend a red pipe cleaner into a heart shape and twist the ends together.
  6. To position the heart on top of the pipe cleaner ‘stem’, wrap the end of the pipe cleaner around the base of the heart, making sure it is tight and secure.
  7. Print out a photo for the photo stand, approximately 8cm by 7cm, this may vary depending on the heart shape.
  8. Slot your photo behind the heart, into the rook. You can pinch this together to make the photo more secure.
Valentine Photo Stand Valentine Photo Stand Valentine Photo Stand

Top Tip

If the photo stand wobbles because of the pipe cleaner underneath you can glue another piece of pipe cleaner underneath to stop it from wobbling.