5 Ways to Celebrate Space Week

During the week of 4th – 10th October 2022 people around the globe are celebrating World Space Week. At Baker Ross we love learning about the solar system through craft activities and real-world experiences. Here are 5 ideas on how you can enjoy World Space Week this year.

5 Ways to Celebrate Space Week

How to Make

Space Week Posters
A good place to start is to shout about the event and encourage others to get involved in the fun. Print off and colour this FREE Space Week poster then pop it up around school, home or local group.

Make Your Own Astronaut Costume
The theme of World Space Week this year is all about sustainability and ensuring space travel continues to have a positive impact on our planet for future generations. So, to keep with this very important message, why not create your very own Astronaut Jet Pack by upcycling two large plastic bottles and a tissue box!
For full steps on how to make, click here.

Craft a Space Planetarium
Decorate and assemble a planetarium kit, build your very own solar system or wooden stacking rockets whilst learning about space through play. Our space craft kits are ideal for kids 6 and over and will support the school curriculum and ignite their fascination in outer space.

Go Star Gazing
Stepping outside on a clear evening makes for a really fun way to learn about space. Taking the time to slow down and look up at the sky has amazing health benefits and can really help children engage with their surroundings. If you need a little help, downloading stargazing apps like Night Sky or Sky Guide allows you to point your phone at the sky to find stars, constellations and satellites up above.

Understand the Earth’s Orbit
When learning about space it’s important to teach children how the earth moves in relation to the sun and what impact this has. Creating a simple diagram is just the trick! Why not make this Reasons for the Seasons project and bring to life what happens when the earth tilts on its axis.

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