3D Unicorns

Make this fun and colourful unicorn with wild curls. Great to play with as a toy, or to decorate your bedroom.

3D Unicorns

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Download and print off the template provided.
  2. For the unicorn’s body, place the template shape on a folded piece of card, with the ears touching the fold. Draw around the template and cut out, folding the tab in between the unicorn’s legs.
  3. Draw around the other template shapes on your chosen card colours and cut these out.
  4. Stick the face, ears and hair-fringe to the front of the unicorn using a glue stick and add the self-adhesive wiggle eyes. Also stick the hooves to the front of all four legs.
  5. Stick the tabs between the unicorn’s front and back legs together using a glue stick.
  6. Stick the unicorn’s horn inside the opening at the top of the unicorn’s head, inside the front half of the unicorn.
  7. Cut thin pieces of colourful paper and twist them around a thin paintbrush or round-sided pencil to make curly hair.
  8. Stick several long curls inside the opening at the top of the unicorn’s head, inside the back half of the unicorn.
  9. Stick several long curls together with a glue stick and then stick them to the back of the unicorn to make the unicorn’s tail.
  10. Decorate the horn with glitter glue.
3D Unicorns 3D Unicorns 3D Unicorns

Top Tip

For tighter curls, use a thinner paintbrush handle.



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