3d Star Decoration

These super glittery stars will twinkle and twirl when hung from the tree

3d Star Decoration

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw an 11cm diameter circle on a piece of card and divide into eight. Draw a line joining every third mark to make an eight pointed star and cut out.
  2. Use this template to cut out more stars from cream, gold and purple card and fold each one in half along a point.
  3. Use a fine gold pen to draw swirls and squiggles over two purple stars, covering the whole area with a pattern.
  4. Dip a fine paintbrush into PVA glue and begin painting a similar design onto the surface of a gold star. Before the glue has dried, sprinkle with purple glitter and shake off the excess. Continue painting and sprinkling to complete the pattern.
  5. Paint PVA glue over the whole surface of two cream stars before covering with gold glitter and leave somewhere flat to dry before refolding in half and shaking off the spare glitter.
  6. Tape a knotted loop of gold cord to the back of one of the shapes before gluing six completed, folded stars together to form a 3D decoration.
3d Star Decoration 3d Star Decoration 3d Star Decoration

Top Tip

You might want to leave the stacked stars under a heavy book to dry before gluing the first to the last as this will ensure the glue doesn't make the shapes curl up.



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