3D Mermaid Shell

Make your own stand-up mermaid clam shell with a sparkling pearl inside. A lovely card or decorative feature for your bedroom.

3D Mermaid Shell

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the clam shell, first measure and cut a piece of coloured card 19cms long and 11cms wide. Fold this in half widthways.
  2. Draw a clam-shell shape on one half of the card, with the middle of the shell being on the fold. Cut out to make your open clam-shell shape.
  3. Cut out ten thin points from coloured paper, each roughly 5cms long. Stick these to the shell using the glue stick (five on each side) and snip off any excess paper.
  4. For the seaweed, cut out a piece of card measuring 15.5cms long and 11cms wide. About 1-2cms from the base. draw long wobbly weeds that go to a point. Cut out and stick to the back of one side of the shell using a glue stick.
  5. For your pearl, draw a circle on silver card roughly 3cms wide. Draw a rectangle touching the circle, roughly 1.5cms wide and 5cms long. This should now look like a lollipop shape. Cut this out and make a fold every 1.25cms along the rectangle and at the base of the circle (four folds).
  6. Using the glue stick, stick the first section of the rectangle to the bottom shell, so that it meets the fold in the middle of the shell. Stick the second section of the rectangle to the top shell. Leave the third section without glue and stick the last section of the rectangle to the pearl.
  7. To finish use the white deco pen to make a reflection mark on the pearl.
3D Mermaid Shell 3D Mermaid Shell 3D Mermaid Shell

Top Tip

Add some glitter or gems to your shell for extra sparkle!

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