3D Card Pumpkin

Celebrate harvest festival with this easy to make 3D pumpkin.  Create the other 3D vegetables in this series and create a centrepiece for Harvest Festival.

3D Card Pumpkin

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut an A4 piece of orange card into 8 equal sized strips. To do this, fold in half, then quarters, then eighths. Cut down each fold line. (Alternatively, measure and mark 8 equal sections with your ruler and pencil. Each piece will be 3.7cms.)
  2. Using double sided tape, stick 4 pieces of orange card together at 1 end, to make cross shape. Repeat with the other 4 orange card pieces so that you have 2 crosses.
  3. Stick 1 of the cross shapes on top of the other diagonally, so that it looks like an eight-pointed star.
  4. Now, using double sided tape again, attach the other ends of the pumpkin together, to form a globe shape. Start with the bottom (South) and right (East), meeting at their corner edges. This will help you to get the right form.
  5. Twist two pipe cleaners together at the bottom, about 7cms in. Then, keep crossing the pipe cleaners to make a continuous figure of eight pattern. Make sure to wind the pipe cleaners over and under as you go to prevent unravelling. Leave about 7cms at the end, twisting it to secure your pattern.
  6. Wrap the ends together to form a loop, leaving the unwound pipe cleaners free. Splay the ends out to make a cross shape.
  7. Attach this stalk to the pumpkin top by bending the 4 ends of the pipe cleaners and tucking under the card. You may need to readjust a few times to make it sit in the middle.
  8. Bend another pipe cleaner in half. Twist one side around a pencil to make it curly, then thread the straight half underneath the stalk cross and wrap it around the stalk to secure it.
  9. Twist the straight side around a pencil to make it curly and complete your pumpkin.
3D Card Pumpkin 3D Card Pumpkin 3D Card Pumpkin

Top Tip

Add some wiggle eyes and a smile if you want to transform your pumpkin into a veggie character!