Woodland Fairy

Create you own natural-looking woodland fairy by combining different textures and materials in soft neutral colours.

Woodland Fairy

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the top and bottom of a wooden peg with flesh coloured paint for the fairy’s head and feet. Leave to dry.
  2. Twist a pipe cleaner underneath the head to make the arms. Bend and twist the ends of the pipe cleaner into hands. Tightly wrap a piece of cream coloured raffia or ribbon around the top of the body and around both arms so the pipe cleaner is covered, then tie the ends around the body.
  3. Wrap a piece of double sided tape over the top part of the fairy’s body and peel off the backing strip. Cut an 18cm length of 15mm cotton herringbone tape, (or use hessian) for the dress. Fold the tape in half and cut a tiny hole in the middle, open it out, then pull it over the fairy’s head. Add 2 more pieces of cotton tape or hessian to cover the sides of the legs.
  4. Carefully cut the ends of the cotton tape or hessian dress into a fringe. Pull out the ends so they are frayed. Tie some twine around the middle of the fairy.
  5. For the hair, stick some double-sided tape onto the head with a small 2cm piece of raffia or ribbon covering the front. Cut 8 x 15cm lengths of raffia or ribbon, run your fingers along the strips to open them out. Bunch the raffia or ribbon together and tie another piece around the middle. Stick some more double-sided tape onto the head the press the hair on top. Cut into the ends of the raffia/ribbon hair then carefully split each piece into thinner strands.
  6. Stick 4 dried leaves onto the back for the wings. Stick smaller leaves around the head and to decorate the dress.
  7. Paint the fairy’s eyes and mouth with a thin paintbrush or use a cocktail stick dipped in paint to print the eyes and the end of a straw cut in half for the mouth.
Woodland Fairy Woodland Fairy Woodland Fairy

Top Tip

Double-sided tape is the quickest way to stick fabric, cotton tape, raffia and ribbon for the fairy's dress and hair. You could also use fabric glue for a strong bond, this may need applying to both surfaces and dried before sticking together.

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