Wedding Jars

Handcrafted jars add a special touch for a wedding celebration. Simple flowers with decorative details can be styled into variety of designs for vases and table lanterns.

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + baking and cooling time for Fimo

How to Make

  1. To make the flowers, shape some 1cm white Fimo balls. Flatten the balls with a rolling pin (or use another cylindrical shape like a glue stick or thick marker pen). Curl one of the flattened Fimo pieces into a spiral for the middle of the flower. Add more pieces around the middle for the petals. Cut the back section away from the flower with a craft knife to make it less bulky.
  2. Place the flower onto a baking tray or tile, arrange and curl the petals with a cocktail stick then carefully push the end of a small brush into the centre to make a small hole for gluing a bead inside after the Fimo has been baked. Make more flowers in the same way. Bake the flowers at 110oC for 30 minutes following the instructions on packet. Allow Fimo to cool before handling.
  3. Cut a 6cm x 26cm hessian strip, wrap it around the jar and stick down the ends with glue. Cut some 26cm pieces of lace, wrap around the top of the jar and over the hessian with glue to hold the ends in place. Try using jute twine or thinner lace tied around the jar for additional decoration.
  4. Glue the Fimo flowers onto the jar with a silver bead in the middle of each flower, or use small acrylic gems. Glue around the flowers then press down some dried moss, pushing it behind the flowers with the end of a small brush.

Top Tip

For a table lantern, cover the lower area of the jar with organza ribbon or leave it partly uncovered so the candle shines through.

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