Tie-Dye Cards

Small-scale tie-dye patterns make beautiful and unusual card designs for every occasion.

Tie-Dye Cards

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for dye

How to Make

    Before you start:

  1. Cut a 20cm x 20cm square from an old pillowcase or sheet, or a handkerchief.

    Rinse the fabric then squeeze out most of the water until it is damp.

  2. To make a diagonal cross pattern:

    Fold the fabric in half to make a rectangle.
    Fold it in half again making 4 equal square sections.
    Starting with one corner, fold the fabric diagonally with a 1cm pleat, turn the fabric over then repeat. Continue pleating and turning until the fabric is neatly folded into a concertina strip.

    Tightly wrap elastic bands around the folded fabric at regular intervals.

  3. To make a radiating circle pattern:
    Fold the fabric in half.
    Fold it in half again making 4 equal sections.
    Fold the fabric diagonally in half to make a triangle shape. Fold it diagonally in half again, and then again to make a pointed, thin triangle shape.

    Tightly wrap elastic bands around the folded fabric at regular intervals, starting near the thin point of the triangle. The thin end will be the centre of the circle pattern

  4. To dye the fabric:
    Wear the disposable gloves in the kit then follow the instructions for adding water to the dye bottle and applying it onto the fabric.
    Squeeze the dye over the tied fabric. Press and roll the fabric so the dye reaches the middle folds.

    Leave the tied fabric to dry for 6-8 hours hanging over a small bowl with newspaper or paper towel underneath.
    Remove all the elastic bands (with gloves on) then open out the fabric. If it still feels very wet, remove any excess dye with paper towel or leave it to dry for a bit longer.

    Rinse the fabric in water then leave it to fully dry. Cover it with a pressing cloth then iron out the creases.

  5. To make a card:

    Cut out a square from card, measuring between 5cm – 10cm, depending on the size of your card design.
    Select an area from the tie-dye pattern to use for your design then cut out a square from the fabric, making it 2cm bigger than the card on all 4 sides.
    Place the fabric square onto your work surface.
    Stick strips of double-sided tape to cover the card square, peel off the backing then press it over the patterned fabric.
    Press double-sided tape strips along the card edges, fold the fabric over the card top then press it down to make neat edges. Smooth over the fabric with your fingers to remove any wrinkles or creases.

    Stick the pattern onto a folded card background. Add gems or other small embellishments as decoration.

    There are lots of ways to make exciting tie-dye patterns. The results will vary
    depending on the number of folds, how the fabric is folded and where the elastic bands are

  6. Tie-Dye Cards Tie-Dye Cards Tie-Dye Cards

    Top Tip

    For a stronger pattern, or more white in the pattern, use 2 elastic bands for making each tie. For a more delicate pattern, use smaller-sized (2cm) elastic bands.

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