Cutlery Holder

Upcycle a trio of tin cans into this attractive cutlery holder with rope handle.  Great accessory for barbecues and parties.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 45 minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint all 3 tins until well coated. You will need to apply at least 3 coats, allowing drying between each coat. Do not put too much paint on at once, keep even.
  2. Once fully dry, brush on a layer of acrylic satin varnish.
  3. Using a tin as a template, place on felt and draw around it. You will need 3 circles. Cut out. These will be the holders’ bases that should sit within the rim. If too big, cut down smaller to fit.
  4. Make a small marking on back of tins 2cm down from rim. Brush on PVA glue up to the mark and then coil the twine around the tins to the mark.
  5. Cut 3 pieces of twine 60cms long and plait them. This will form the handle.
  6. Using a hot glue gun stick the 3 tins together (forming a triangle).
  7. Fold the plaited twine in half and feed up through the gap between the tins. This should come through 10cms.
  8. Turn holder over and with glue gun stick down the two ends of the handle to 2 tin bases. (This helps balance when holding).
  9. Stick down your 3 felt circles to tin bases.
  10. To make the label cut a piece of brown card 8cm x 3cm, Cut a piece of blue card 7cm x 2cm. Stick the smaller piece onto the bigger leaving an even boarder all around.
  11. Write ‘cutlery’ with a felt pen onto your label then stick onto front of your holder using the glue gun.
    1. Top Tip

      To remove labels and glue from tins, soak in warm soapy water. To paint tins easily, insert your hand gently into top of the tin and paint around following the grooves. This will help you to paint smoothly all around without putting the tin down.

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