Tassel Bracelets

Create stylish, easy-to-wear boho bracelets – the must-have festival accessory this summer

Tassel Bracelets

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Cut twelve strands of embroidery thread measuring 50cm. Separate into three groups of four.
  2. Attach the ends to a table with sticky tape, making sure to leave a lot of excess. Plait the strands together until you have a length around 23cm (adjust to suit your wrist).
  3. Carefully remove the tape then plait both sets of ends together. Take a length of thread in the same colour and wind and knot around the plait to bind it together. Trim the ends to create a tassel.
  4. Take a skein of embroidery thread in a contrasting colour and cut it in half, loop this over your bracelet. Wind and knot around the loop to make another tassel then trim any excess away so both tassels are the same length.
  5. Make four more bracelets in this way ensuring that the length of the tassels remains uniform.
Tassel Bracelets Tassel Bracelets Tassel Bracelets

Top Tip

Beads threaded onto the tassels would look great on these bracelets.