Stripy Candle Holders

Simple to create yet really effective, these eye-catching designs will brighten any room

Time to Make

30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Work out the elements of your design or use the picture as a guide, and start by drawing on the stripes lightly in pencil. You might want to use a tape measure if you'd like your stripes to be perfectly even.
  2. For the vertical stripes design, simply colour each section of the candle holder in a different colour, then repeat the sequence. Leave to dry for a few minutes, then finish with a purple border around the top.
  3. For the horizontal stripes design, separate your candle holder out into three horizontal sections, drawing the pencil line all the way around. Colour the top and bottom sections pink and the middle one orange, leaving a narrow gap between each section for the white. Leave to dry.
  4. Draw on the white line carefully, going over it a couple of times if needed. Draw on blue dots around the centre of both pink sections, as shown. Dot on the green centres of the flowers, then add the yellow petals to finish.

Top Tip

For small details, press the pen nib down on a palette a couple of times to create a blob of paint, then use a fine paintbrush to apply.

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