Rustic Centrepiece

Decorate your wedding tables with these rustic handmade centrepieces. They look lovely with flowers and plants and are also a great way to display the table number.

Rustic Centrepiece

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Take approximately 30 branch offcuts and place together to make a rough circular shape. Then, starting from the inside out, begin to glue the edges together using the glue gun. Continue this until they are all stuck together. Then, in the centre of the branches, glue two more offcuts on top of on another creating a raised section.
  2. Put a dot of glue at the bottom of one of the glass bottles. Then stick the end of the jute twine to the glue and begin to wrap the rest upwards around the bottle. After every few lines use another small blob of glue to hold it in place. Continue this until the whole bottle is covered. Wrap a strip of white lace around the top of the bottle and glue in place at the back.
  3. Cut a strip of hessian and wrap it around the centre of another glass bottle, glueing in place at the back with the glue gun. Then wrap a strip of white lace around the centre of the hessian and glue in place.
  4. Repeat step 3 with a third bottle, however glue the lace at the top of the strip of hessian.
  5. Take a circular branch offcut and draw the table number onto the front of it with a thin white deco pen. Then cut a piece of jute twine and glue the two ends of it to the back of the branch offcut creating a loop. Hang the loop over the neck of the bottle covered in twine.
  6. Glue the bottle with the table number onto the raised section of the branch offcuts. Then glue the other two bottles just in front.
Rustic Centrepiece Rustic Centrepiece Rustic Centrepiece

Top Tip

Use a flat surface when glueing the branch offcuts together to ensure it is level.

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