Royal Wedding Diorama

Create this 3D diorama of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan in front of the Windsor Castle where they are getting married.

Skill Level

Easy. Adult Supervision needed.

Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Assemble the diorama scene box.
  2. Cut out a rectangle from dark blue paper 210mm (L) x 125mm (H) for the background of the diorama. Stick to the back of the scene box using a glue stick.
  3. Cut a rectangle from green paper 180mm (L) x 95mm (H) for the floor of the diorama. Stick to the bottom using a glue stick.
  4. Download the colour-in template and print out. Cut out each shape and stick well onto an A4 sheet of white card. Cut out each shape.
  5. Colour in the Prince Harry and Meghan characters, the castle and the bunting.
  6. Fold back the tab of the castle and glue to the bottom of the diorama at the back.
  7. Fold back the tab of the Prince Harry character and stick to the bottom of the diorama in front of the castle.
  8. Fold back the tab of the Meghan character and stick to the bottom of the diorama next to Prince Harry.
  9. Glue the bunting from one end of the diorama to the other end at the top.
  10. Decorate the outside of the diorama with acrylic gems stuck down with glue dots.

Top Tip

Have a look on the Internet for pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan to see what colours would work best to colour in their characters.



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