Rope Covered Flowerpots

Liven up your windowsill with these quick and easy decorated pots

Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Starting at the base of the ceramic pot add a small dab of hot glue and secure the end of the string in place.
  2. Working in small sections at a time, apply a few dots of glue and begin wrapping the string around theentire base of the pot, pressing it in firmly to secure.
  3. Continue wrapping and gluing the string around the pot until the entire base of the post is covered. Cut the string and use a dab of glue to firmly secure the end at the back of the pot.
  4. Use a black Deco Pen to write 'hello' or your chosen word to the upper section of the pot to finish.
  5. Take another pot. Use a piece of masking tape to section off a strip in the centre of the upper section of the pot. Then, use the pink Deco Pen to create a neat line around the pot.
  6. Repeat to add orange lines using the Deco Pens above and below the pink line.
  7. Use the pink and orange Deco Pens to add small flower motifs evenly spaced along the lower sections of the pot.
  8. 8.Take a third pot. Starting just underneath the rim of the pot, secure the end of a piece of string and begin wrapping and securing with glue onto the surface until 2cm of the pot is covered in string.
  9. Using the black and orange Deco Pens add the work 'Grow' or your chosen word to the upper section and work a series of small triangles to the lower option of the pot.
  10. Starting just underneath to the rim of the pot, secure the end of a piece of string to the pot. Then, begin wrapping and securing with glue to the surface until 2cm is covered in wrapped string.
  11. Finish by working with the orange Deco Pen to add dots of colour to the upper section of the pot.

Top Tip

When securing the string to the surface of the pot, work in small sections at a time to create a neat finish and to prevent burning yourself on the hot glue.

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