Quick Message Cards

If you’re looking for a card in a hurry, these speedy designs will tick all the right boxes!

Time to Make

30 minutes

How to Make

  1. For the blue card, make a narrow, horizontal card blank from blue card, then put to one side. Choose your message - we found three word phrases or messages work best - then type the message repeatedly in a small text box in your chosen colour and font, mixing uppercase, lowercase and italic words for an interesting effect.
  2. Print out the message panel and cut out neatly using a knife and metal ruler, or paper trimmer. Arrange the panel in the bottom right-hand corner of the card and affix in place with Glue Dots.
  3. Apply a strip of self-adhesive gems around the edge of the panel, as shown. Create interest across the rest of the card by drawing on doodle patterns with a silver marker pen and leave to dry.
  4. The red card is made in exactly the same way, using a different message, font and colour. We left the rest of the card clear for this design to give it a simple, fresh look.

Top Tip

Try highlight some of the letters in the message with a glitter pen, or adding an outline to some of the characters with gold or silver marker.