Pom Pom Tree Centrepiece

Give pom poms a makeover by creating this stylish centrepiece, perfect as a table decoration for your big day

Time to Make

3 hours

How to Make

  1. Mix your desired shade of dark blue from the selection of porcelain paints for the inside of the flowerpot, then apply an even coat and leave to dry.
  2. Mix your desired shade of lighter blue and apply to the outside of the flowerpot, paying particular attention to the top rim where the two colours meet. Leave to dry. You may want to apply a second coat, depending on your preference.
  3. Paint a wooden skewer silver or colour with a silver marker pen and put to one side. Take the polystyrene ball and start to cover with assorted pom poms, using Glue Dots to secure them in place. Mix up the colours randomly, butting the pom poms up neatly against one another to hide the polystyrene beneath.
  4. Continue in this way until the ball is completely covered. Square another polystyrene ball using a knife and paint or colour with silver. Leave to dry, then place inside the flowerpot. Push one end of the painted skewer into it and the other end into the pom pom covered ball, pushing it far enough in that it secures it but not so that it comes out the other side.
  5. Tie a bow around the skewer and trim the edges to finish. If desired, scrunch up co-ordinating tissue paper or patterned paper and squash down inside the flower pot to hide the polystyrene.

Top Tip

Instead of tissue paper or patterned paper you could squash dark or light blue pompoms inside the flowerpot to disguise the polystyrene.

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