PAINT POURING Beginners Guide

Have you heard about Acrylic Paint Pouring? This fun fluid painting technique is used to create works of art without paintbrushes. Instead, pour your chosen colours onto a canvas or porcelain blank in puddles, pools and marble-like patterns.

PAINT POURING Beginners Guide

How to Make

Here we cover the basics of pouring and show you amazing techniques so you too can create incredible art and find the joy in paint pouring.

Why choose paint pouring?

Pouring paint rather than brushing it on results in a smooth, glossy paint finish that is always perfectly even and imperfection free. Beginners will really enjoy getting stuck into this craft as it’s a quick way of painting but with the dramatic, modern results all budding artists are after.

What do I need for paint pouring?

Essentially all you need is a selection of Pouring Acrylic Paints and a Canvas, Coaster or Porcelain Blanks. You then introduce string, a disposable cup, wooden craft stick or a paper towel depending on the technique you chose to follow. We’d also suggest using a tray to keep your paint drips contained.

Pouring Techniques

There are lots of techniques when it comes to making fluid art, but these four techniques are our top choices for making colourful works of art for your home. Which technique will you choose? Click to watch in-depth videos on how to achieve each of these looks.

Clean Paint Pour
The traditional pour is the simplest of techniques. Taking our ready-to-use pouring paints simply pick three colours and pour into separate cups. Then begin to pour each colour one at a time with varying volumes of the paint. Moving your canvas or porcelain blank will then allow your paint to move and cover the surface whilst creating unique patterns.

Puddle Paint Pour
This fluid art technique is a very popular choice, using just three colours of pouring acrylic you create puddles of paint, pouring a colour within a colour. Taking a wooden stick, just lightly combine the puddles together to create a whirl of pigment. Once you have your pools of paint connected, you then effortlessly tilt your canvas in different directions so that the colours can merge and make lovely patterns.

Swipe Paint Pour
This technique is exactly what it sounds like, using an easy swiping motion you can create a beautiful wave of colour. Simply pour your paints in your desired pattern and then take a dry paper towel and drag from top to bottom on your canvas. You’ll be amazed at the result!

String Pull Paint Pour
Of all the paint pouring techniques, string pull may look the most complicated but in fact it really is super simple and makes for the most beautiful designs. With this technique you’ll need to cover your canvas in a thick layer of white paint first, this gives your paint and string something to grip onto. You then dip two pieces of string into two separate colours and place the string onto the canvas. Once happy with how your string is placed, simply pull down and away from the canvas and watch how the string makes amazing patters in the white paint.