Mediterranean Inspired Magentic Tiles

Perfect patterns on porcelain – these stunning magnetic tiles are fun and functional. Arrange into blocks of colour for display or use as a note holders on the fridge. This is the perfect project to keep adding to as and when you find a spare moment.

Mediterranean Inspired Magentic Tiles

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 tiles 2-3 hours with drying.

How to Make

  1. Draw around the tiles onto paper, and sketch out your designs so you have a master copy. 4-5 designs work well.
  2. Copy your designs onto the tiles in pencil. To get a good mix of patterns use each design at least 3 times. A balance of all over prints that look like a repeat pattern and a few statement stand-alone designs works well.
  3. Choose your colour theme. We have used: turquoise, purple, orange, red, gold, dark blue and dark green with white line detail.
  4. Start to fill in the tiles using one colour at a time. We painted turquoise elements on all of the tiles first, and then once dry, moved on to the next colour etc
  5. Once all of the base colours are filled in, use a thin brush to add little white line details. This will help to bring all of the designs together as one and make the colours really pop!
  6. Allow to dry for 24 hours and then fix colour by baking as per the instructions. Apply the magnets if you are to use them on a metal surface like a fridge door, or use grout to fix them to a decorative table top or tray.
Mediterranean Inspired Magentic Tiles Mediterranean Inspired Magentic Tiles Mediterranean Inspired Magentic Tiles

Top Tip

Use porcelain pens to add more refined intricate detail, or make them really special with a touch of gold. Use a cotton bud and a little warm water to remove any mistakes before baking.

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