Loveable Llamas Card

Have fun making these lovable Llamas with pom poms for an on-trend greeting card design!

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Cut a piece of bright coloured card for the background, 18cm x 12cm. Stick it onto a slightly bigger card, 19cm x 13cm, with double-sided tape to make a background with a border. Fold a sheet card in half then stick the coloured background onto the front.
  2. Copy or trace the llama template shape onto white card then cut it out. Turn it over and draw around the edge to make a second llama shape. Turn the llamas over so they are facing each other with any pencil lines on the reverse side. Cut out 3 hearts from white card.
  3. Cut out 2 curved pieces of bright card for blankets then glue onto the bodies. Cut thin card strips for the harness then stick onto the heads and bodies. Draw the eyes, noses and mouths using a thin black pen. Add 2 small cut out hearts on the blankets.
  4. Stick mini pom poms around the edge of the blanket, and onto the front of the bodies. Fix the llamas onto the background card using foam tape or sticky pads. Stick the hearts in position at the top of the card with smaller cut out hearts in the middle.
  5. Use Deco Pens to draw a pattern around the edge of the card to make a border.

Top Tip

The template shape can be scaled up or down in size to make smaller or bigger llama designs for cards and pictures.

What You Need