LIVE LAUGH LOVE Reverse Canvas

Create a beautiful piece of wall art for your home with this trendy reverse canvas technique!

LIVE LAUGH LOVE Reverse Canvas

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 15 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Turn the canvas upside down so that the staples are facing upwards. Use a sharp cutting knife to carefully cut around the edge of the canvas, just to the outside of where the staples are. Lift the canvas off and put it to one side, then rip/cut the remaining pieces of canvas off of the frame. Alternatively, you can use a staple remover, however this will take slightly longer to do.
  2. Paint the whole of the frame with black paint, adding more coats if needed. Leave to dry.
  3. Take the canvas from step 1 and use scissors to cut off the folded edges. Trim the canvas so that it is slightly smaller than the size of the outer frame.
  4. Place the piece of canvas over the back of the frame and use the staple gun to attach it.
  5. Turn the canvas over so it is the right way up and use the black deco pen to write ‘Live Laugh Love’ onto it, one word under the other. Add a swirly line with a heart either side of each word to the edge of the frame.
LIVE LAUGH LOVE Reverse Canvas LIVE LAUGH LOVE Reverse Canvas LIVE LAUGH LOVE Reverse Canvas

Top Tip

Write the middle word (laugh) first to help keep the layout even.

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