Jewellery and Trinket Trays

Unleash your creativity and craft personalised trays that are perfect for organising jewellery and trinkets. From chic geometric patterns to cute florals, the possibilities for decoration are endless; tailoring to your unique style and taste. With cute colours and trendy designs, these trays are not only practical but also make charming décor pieces.

Jewellery and Trinket Trays

Skill Level


Time to Make

25 mins + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, make some clay slip by adding a little water to some soft clay and mix it.
  2. Then, roll out a lump of clay using a rolling pin.
  3. Cut the clay into a circle shape, you can use something round to help.
  4. Score and create texture around the edge of the circle base.
  5. Then paint some slip over where you scored the clay.
  6. Roll a sausage shape to create a coil and cut it to the right length. Do this by lining up the coil with the edge of the base and trim the ends.
  7. Once it’s cut to length, you need to bond the two ends of the coil together using the scoring and slip technique.
  8. Then smooth out the inside and outside of the trinket tray using plastic modelling tools.
  9. Further smooth the trinket tray with a paintbrush and your finger.
  10. Allow the clay to dry.
  11. Paint the trinket tray blue.
  12. Lastly, when the base layer is dry, paint daisies using a paintbrush and cotton buds.
Jewellery and Trinket Trays Jewellery and Trinket Trays Jewellery and Trinket Trays

Top Tip

You can varnish the trinket trays if you want a shiny appearance.

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