Hessian Clutch Bag

Carry your essential items in this eye catching clutch bag – the perfect accessory for those warm days and nights.

Hessian Clutch Bag

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out the templates provided and pin the larger one to your hessian and the smaller one to an A3 sheet of green felt. Cut each shape out with scissors and then remove the pins.
  2. Fold the hessian shape in half and then place the felt shape on top, making sure that there is an even border of hessian showing around the edges. Pin the felt on top of the hessian.
  3. Fold over the flat side of the bag by about 14cm so that the green felt is now in the inside and the hessian on the outside.
  4. With the flat side of the bag at the bottom, keep the bag flap open and starting from the bottom left corner, stitch a seam along the edge of the clutch bag making sure that you are sewing through both the hessian and the felt at the same time. Go right the way across so you follow a rainbow shape. Then with a new piece of thread, stitch the centre section together, making sure to not stitch through to the back, otherwise the inside of your bag won’t open. When you have finished sewing the bag together, carefully remove the pins which were holding the pieces of material together.
  5. Finish by gluing some bright coloured pom poms to the front of the clutch bag using a hot glue gun.
Hessian Clutch Bag Hessian Clutch Bag Hessian Clutch Bag

Top Tip

To add more colour to the bag, try using a bright colour for the stitching so it stands out against the hessian material