Heart Window Card

Create a card with texture and movement with this stylish hanging heart design.

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

How to Make

  1. Choose 2 corrugated hearts with matching shapes for your card. They could be the same colours, or 2 different colours.
  2. To make a guide for cutting the heart-shaped window fold a piece of 12cm x 12cm thin card in half. Place one of the corrugated hearts onto the folded card, with the fold along the centre of the heart. Draw around the heart in pencil, to make half a heart shape. Draw another half heart outside the first one, about 2-2.5cm bigger. Cut around the larger heart outline then open out the card into a symmetrical shape for the window template.
  3. For the background, measure and cut a piece of coloured card 15cm x 30cm. Score across the middle then fold to make a 15cm x 15cm square card shape.
  4. Open out the background card on a cutting mat then place the heart template in the middle on the right hand side. Draw around the heart then carefully cut it out with a craft knife to make a window.
  5. Cut some small semi-circle shapes from the spare corrugated hearts. Glue the pieces around the edge of the heart window. Turn the card over and trim off any overhanging pieces from the middle.
  6. Glue the 2 matching heats back to back with a piece of thin thread in the middle. Tape the thread to the inside of the background card so the heart hangs in the middle of the window.
  7. Cut some heart ribbon and glue it onto the card as a border. Fold and stick the ends on the inside and back of the card.

Top Tip

Depending on who the card is made for, the colours can be varied for a more masculine or feminine feel.

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