Hama Bead Bowl and Coaster

Hama beads aren’t just for kids: they can be used to create quirky home accessories too!

Hama Bead Bowl and Coaster

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Make sure your glass bowl is clean and dry before starting your project. Take a handful of different coloured Hama Beads and place them inside. Flatten them down so they take the shape of the base of the bowl. Add more as required (you’ll see from the shape how your finished bowl will look, so you can use this as a guide. Do remember though that the more beads you add the longer it will take to melt later!).
  2. Once you’re happy with the shape you’ve created, use your heat tool to melt the beads. Do this in sections to make it easier – we found it worked best when we started with what would be the centre of your bowl, moving the heat tool above the beads in a circular motion and then moving out to the sides of the bowl. This may take a while, so you might want to pause between different sections.
  3. Leave it to dry thoroughly for about 15-20 minutes. Once cooled, simply turn the bowl upside down and your Hama Bead bowl should slip out. If it doesn’t come out straight away, try slipping a standard table knife down the sides, between the beads and the glass, and then turning it over and giving it a gentle thump on the base of the glass bowl.
Hama Bead Bowl and Coaster Hama Bead Bowl and Coaster Hama Bead Bowl and Coaster

Top Tip

If you're having trouble getting an even arrangement of beads for the bowl, try adding beads to the base first, melting a little, then adding more beads around the side.

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