Folded Christmas Tree Card

Put your folding skills to good practice achieving a clever finish to this Christmas card.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 15 minutes plus glue drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out the navy board card according to template information using a craft knife. Ensure markings are on the wrong side of the card. Score & fold all lines.
  2. Transfer Christmas tree templates following template information onto the rust coloured board card & cut out using a craft knife.
  3. Make a glue & water mix to a medium consistency & paint the Christmas trees (one at a time). Sprinkle with the copper glitter, completely covering it, then shake of the excess & allow to dry. Paint on glue mix over the glittered tree to fix the glitter. Allow to dry.
  4. Using the copper Giotto metallic d├ęcor pen, colour the wooden star on both sides. Lightly paint the glue mix onto one side only & give it a light sprinkling of copper glitter. Allow to dry.
  5. Stick the star onto the left side of the Christmas tree, glitter side up. Allow to dry. When the card is closed the star should sit central on the whole tree.
  6. Stick the 4 Christmas tree halves using a glue stick. 2 on the inside & 2 under the folded navy tree, all aligned with the folds.
  7. On these fold lines make a hole 6cm down from top of card. Cut 2 pieces of gold craft cord 16cm long, feed through the holes & double knot the end under the folded tree. Cut off excess ends at knot.
  8. Take the copper gem dots & stick at each point of the navy & inner glitter trees.
  9. Fold card up & tie cord.

Top Tip

Have a sheet of paper when sprinkling the glitter so it catches it & you can pour it back into the shaker after. No waste!



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