Polymer Clay Rose Bracelet

This beautiful rose bracelet is a great gift for Mother’s Day. Customise your own colours to create a unique piece of statement jewellery

Polymer Clay Rose Bracelet

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour 30 minutes

How to Make

  1. Roses: Roll long sausage shape piece of polymer clay about 3cm long. Flatten it out with your fingers. Roll one end over to create the centre of the rose and then keep rolling around, changing direction every now and again to create realistic petal folds. Create 4 or 5 larger roses and 4 or 5 smaller roses.
  2. Mould 10 or so leaf shapes in varying shades of green. Some large, some small.
  3. Create the base for the roses to sit on. A thin circle about the size of a 50p piece works well, or a thin rectangular strip works too. Pop holes on both sides so that a thread can be added after baking. Bake the pieces according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Construct the pieces. Use a glue gun to fix the individual elements together. Start by placing some leaves on the base. Fix in place once you are happy with the composition with a small amount of glue.
  5. Add some roses in. Fix them one at a time. Add smaller leaves into gaps as you go.
  6. Plait embroidery thread (or gold hanging cord) and attach to the piece through the holes. Tie onto the wrist with a bow.

Top Tip

To create more subtle shades of green mix the standard green with white or black to create variations