Fimo Embossed Pendants

These fantastic Fimo pendants are so easy to make, and also make lovely gifts for friends. The surface patterns can be highlighted with paint, giving an endless variety of colour combinations to try!

Fimo Embossed Pendants

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 minutes + baking time for Fimo

How to Make

  1. Roll half a Fimo block to 5mm deep. Push the pattern stamps into the surface, pressing down firmly, move the stamper then press down 4 or 5 more times to make a repeat pattern.
  2. Place a shaped cutter over the Fimo and cut out a shape. Make a hole near the edge with a cocktail stick. Wiggle the cocktail stick to make sure the hole has gone all the way through.
  3. Make more decorations in the same way using different colours. To lift the decorations onto a baking tray, gently push a flat modelling tool underneath. Or if you work on a glazed tile, this can be put straight into the oven without lifting the Fimo.
  4. Bake Fimo models on a baking tray at 110ºC for 30 minutes. Follow all the instructions on the packet. Allow Fimo to cool before handling.
  5. When the decorations are completely cooled, lightly brush or sponge paint over the surface to highlight the patterns. Leave to dry then thread with ribbon ready to hang up.
Fimo Embossed Pendants Fimo Embossed Pendants Fimo Embossed Pendants

Top Tip

Use wet wipes to keep your fingers clean so darker Fimo colours don't transfer onto lighter ones.