Fimo Beaded Necklace

These beautiful Fimo beads are simple to create, and once you start you just won’t be able to stop! The process is wonderfully therapeutic, and the outcome stunning. Work in muted pastels and contrast with metallic threads to finish.

Fimo Beaded Necklace

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours plus Fimo baking time (30 mins)

How to Make

  1. Choose the colours you would like to work with. Adding white to them will created more muted pastel tones.
  2. Create your beads. Get used to handling the fimo first. Use small amounts at first, getting used to rolling them and creating the shapes you’d like to use.
  3. Create flat discs by rolling a small ball and then pressing down gently with your thumb (or use a small playdough rolling pin). Turn over and repeat. Make the hole in the middle by poking the cocktail stick in while it is on a flat surface and rotating it gently round in circles.
  4. Create chunky tubes by rolling a ball and then poking the cocktail stick the whole way through. You can then roll the bead still on the stick back and forth (a bit like a wheel moving) to create a larger hole and flatter sides.
  5. Create the diamond like shape by rolling a ball and then using the palm of your hand to roll the ball in circles on a flat surface. Carefully put the hole in after.
  6. To create a marbled effect, roll a sausage shape in both colours, one larger than the other. Twist them together until it look stripy and then roll back into a ball. Repeat this until you’ve reached the desired effect.
  7. Bake the fimo on baking paper according to the instructions.
  8. Once cooked allow to cool. When completely cooled, thread the beads onto a length of gold hanging cord. Tie a tight knot (making it long enough so it can fit over your head). Hide the knot under one of the beads.
  9. Wrap in tissue paper and place in a kraft box!
Fimo Beaded Necklace Fimo Beaded Necklace Fimo Beaded Necklace

Top Tip

Work the fimo in your hands for a few minutes first to soften it. Create more beads than you need so you have lots of options when putting your piece together.