Fimo Bauble Card

Fimo baubles patterned with snowflakes make unique decorative features for your handmade cards.

Skill Level

1 hour + baking and cooling time for Fimo clay

Time to Make


How to Make

    (A 56g Fimo clay block makes 8-10 baubles 4cm diameter)
  1. Cut off 1 Fimo strip from a block, knead until it is soft then flatten it with a rolling pin to a depth of 3mm.
  2. Place a wooden snowflake in the centre of the rolled Fimo, press it into the surface with your fingers, or use a rolling pin then carefully lift the snowflake away from the clay using the end of a craft knife or a cocktail stick.
  3. Use a circle cutter or lid to cut out a bauble shape around the snowflake. Before you remove the excess clay from around the circle, use a craft knife or modelling tool to cut a small top for the bauble. Now remove the excess clay, leaving the top piece in place. Press the top so it is attached to the circle then make a hole through the middle with a cocktail stick or use a thick needle.
  4. Bake Fimo at 110C, following instructions on the packet. Allow Fimo to cool before handling.
  5. Brush some coloured metallic paint over the bauble, working it into the snowflake pattern. Before the paint dries, gently rub over the surface of the bauble with a wet wipe to remove the paint, leaving it to highlight inside the snowflake. Paint the top of the bauble and print a dotted pattern around the edge with a cotton bud. Leave to dry.
  6. Fold some card in half for the background. Add a textured tree pattern by dipping a small strip of card into metallic paint then printing onto the background. Paint tiny dots for fairy lights. Leave to dry. Stick ribbon around the edge of the card using double sided tape with border with gems to decorate.
  7. Make a hole in the background with a thick needle. Tie a piece of wire or thin metallic thread through the hole at the top of the bauble then thread it through the hole in the card. Fix the bauble onto the background with a sticky pad or glue dot.

Top Tip

If you work on a glazed tile or a baking tray, the finished Fimo baubles can be put straight into the oven without lifting them up and it helps the circles to stay in shape.

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