Festive Table Decoration with Table Place Names

Natural gold tipped twisted willow branches and tactile bark stars work together beautifully to create an effortless Christmas centerpiece. Use the willow to create a wreath shape for the table and fill with candles, or create a long sash to place on top of a fireplace. Complete the look with bark star place names for your guests.

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

How to Make

  1. Sort through the willow branches. Use the larger thicker pieces to form the rough shape of a circle. Lay them out until the lie nicely together and then use a glue gun to fix them together neatly.
  2. Add another layer over the top with smaller more delicate branches. Fix as before with the glue gun.
  3. Use gold hanging cord to tie some of the branches together. Space them out and finish with a bow.
  4. Place some bark stars onto the wreath and move about until you are happy with the composition. Fix with the glue gun.
  5. Select a few more bark stars and pop two little holes in the centre with scissors. Cut some jute twine, and thread it through the holes to attach the stars to the wreath.
  6. Finish the piece by painting the ends of some of the willow sticks with gold acrylic paint.
  7. Create place names for your table by popping a hole in the top of the bark star, feeding through a length of gold hanging cord and a jute twine and attach to cutlery or a napkin. Hand write their name for a personal touch.

Top Tip

Place the twisted willow pieces together first to see how they naturally it together. Only start gluing once you are happy with the composition.

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