Decorative Lanterns

Transform plain Chinese lanterns into beautiful home accessories with a lick of paint and pretty patterns

Time to Make

3 hours

How to Make

    Polka Dot Lanterns
  1. Start by mixing purple paint with white to create lilac, then coat the paper lantern. It may require two coats.
  2. Using white paint, with a circular sponge tool or a brush create circles all around the lantern.
  3. Leave to dry and hang with string/ribbon.
  4. Create the same lantern but in a different colour by mixing blue and white paint to create a baby blue.
Tissue Paper Circle Lanterns
  1. Cut out small and large circles from dark pink, light pink, green and lilac tissue paper.
  2. Using a brush and PVA glue stick on the circles one by one and layering over one another.
  3. Leave to dry and hang with string/ribbon.
  4. You can create a triangle tissue paper lantern by cutting triangles instead of circles from the tissue paper.
Triangle Bunting Lantern
  1. Coat the paper lantern in a layer of white paint and leave to dry.
  2. Using light blue paint (blue and white paint mixed) draw thin lines across your lantern, about three or four in random places.
  3. Cut out small triangles from dark pink, light pink, green and lilac tissue paper and stick down using PVA glue along each blue line leaving a finger space between each triangle.
  4. Leave to dry and hang with string/ribbon.

Top Tip

Make sure you cover your work surface with newspaper or a mat before you start to paint.

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