Dachshund Greeting Card

A versatile selection of patterned card and paper makes it easy to coordinate the colours for this adorable little Dachshund designs.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

How to Make

  1. Copy or trace the sausage dog shape onto brown card then cut it out. Turn it over so there are no visible pencil lines.
  2. Lightly draw around the body onto some patterned paper as a guide for making the coat. Cut out the coat and glue it onto the body.
  3. Cut out an ear from darker brown or black card. Stick the ear onto the body with foam tape or sticky pad. Glue a small card circle for the nose and stick a wiggle eye on the head.
  4. Fold a 14cm x 18 cm piece of patterned card in half for the background, so the folded card is 18cm in length. Glue a strip of patterned paper along the bottom edge of the card.
  5. Cut a 4cm x 4cm present from patterned card. Wrap a 7cm piece of ribbon across the middle of the present and stick it down on the back with tape or glue. Thread another piece of ribbon under the first piece, tie it to bring both pieces of ribbon together in the middle then stick the ends onto the back. Add a sparkly gem to decorate the present, then fix it onto the card background.

Top Tip

Choose paler patterns and colours for the background, or use contrasting colours, so the dog stands out clearly on the design.



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