Coastal Wreath

Bring some beach vibes into your home with this painted shell wreath.

Coastal Wreath

Skill Level


Time to Make

2-3 Hours

How to Make

  1. Choose a selection of shells in a variety of sizes and shapes from both of your packs and paint in two shades of blue, set to one side to dry.
  2. Firstly, tie a piece of ribbon for hanging your wreath, Now take your full pack of willow sticks and glue gun individually into place on top of your wreath, creating a sunburst pattern. Laying thicker ones down and using the thinner ones to fill any gaps.
  3. Once all dried and in place, paint a layer of white paint and onto the ends of the willow branches to give a driftwood effect. It may need two coats of white, and once dry you can now add some gold lustre paint to add some bright sunshine to it. Use a dry brush and there is no need to be too precious on how you apply it.
  4. Whilst your paint is drying you can add some patterns to your shells, using the ends of your paintbrushes for dots.
  5. Once all your shells are dry, lay them out in your desired pattern and glue into place using the glue gun.
  6. Once dry and set in place you can now hang up and display in your home!
Coastal Wreath Coastal Wreath Coastal Wreath

Top Tip

Place a jam jar or glass in the centre of your wreath before gluing your willow branches on to keep a neat circle in the centre.

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