Coastal Bathroom Crates

Bring some seaside vibes into your bathroom with these coastal crates

Coastal Bathroom Crates

Skill Level


Time to Make

1-2 Hours

How to Make

  1. Build both your crates and paint with a layer of white paint first and leave to dry, this helps the colours look brighter on the wood.
  2. Choose a selection of shells in a variety of sizes and shapes from both of your packs and paint in two shades of blue, set to one side to dry.
  3. Paint both your crates with two shades of blue, you may need to do a couple of layers for an even finish.
  4. Whilst your crates are drying you can add some patterns to your shells, using the ends of your paintbrushes for dots. Adding brush strokes of gold with a dry brush adds a lovely shine to them.
  5. Once all your shells are dry, lay them out in your desired pattern and glue into place using the glue gun.
  6. Fill with your toiletries and display in your bathroom.
Coastal Bathroom Crates Coastal Bathroom Crates Coastal Bathroom Crates

Top Tip

For an even looking pattern, Start with gluing your larger shells first and fill the gaps with the smaller shells.

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