Character Easter Cards

Cute characters on pastel layers are a quick way to make your own Easter designs.

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

How to Make

  1. To make a template for the Easter characters, cut a piece of plain card 8cm x 8cm. Fold the card in half, draw a curve from the top folded corner to the opposite bottom corner then cut it out to make a half-egg shape. This shape can be used to make all the designs.
  2. Choose a card colour (white or pastel) for your Easter character, place the body template on top, draw around the shape then cut it out.
  3. Cut out additional pieces for wings, ears beaks from card then glue onto the body. Add eyes with a black pen. Paint pink cheeks using a cotton bud to add small areas of soft colour on the faces.
  4. Cut a card 12cm x 12cm card background. Choose a colour so the character shape will clearly stand out then glue it onto the background. For the rabbit, glue the body lower down on the background to allow more room for the ears then trim along the bottom edge.
  5. Glue the background onto a 13cm x 13cm card to make a border then glue the whole design onto a folded 15cm x 15cm card (made from a 15cm x 30cm piece of card).

Top Tip

Leave some cutout elements, like the wings and ears, so they aren’t stuck down onto the background. These pieces can be folded or curled to give the design more interest and make the characters appear more 3D.

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