Balloon Card

You’ll be up, up and away with delight at how easy it is to create this cute card

Time to Make

15 minutes

How to Make

  1. Make a horizontal folded tall greeting blank from white card using the picture as a guide.
  2. Draw four balloon shapes onto the reverse of the glitter foam using a pencil: a large yellow balloon, a smaller blue balloon, a smaller green balloon and an even smaller orange balloon, as shown.
  3. Cut out the balloons, then peel off the backing individually and press onto the card in the following order: blue balloon to the left of centre, yellow balloon next to it, green balloon overlapping both, orange balloon to the bottom left of the yellow. Draw on black balloon strings to finish.

Top Tip

You could mix up the materials used for the balloons for a different look - try adding a self-adhesive felt shape and others made from patterned paper or card.

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