2-Tone Tea Light Holders

Fimo colours can be blended with White to make lighter pastel shades. This is an ideal technique to make twisted strands for a pretty tea light holder.

2-Tone Tea Light Holders

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour, including 30 minutes for baking Fimo.

How to Make

  1. Cut off 2 strips from a Blue Fimo block then shape it into a ball. Flatten the ball with your fingers onto a tile or baking tray (covered with baking paper) to make a 4cm diameter circle for the base.
  2. Place a tea light onto the base to check the size. The Fimo circle needs to be 2mm bigger than the edge of the tea light. If the base needs to be bigger, press it to make a bigger circle.
  3. Cut off 2 x White and 2 x Blue (or Pink) strips from the Fimo blocks. Add an extra ¼ strip of Blue to the White and knead together until the FImo is evenly blended to make a pastel blue.
  4. Shape the 2 Fimo colours into balls, then roll each ball with your fingers to make long, even snakes, 21cm in length. Cut each snake into 3 x 7cm long sections, so you have 6 x pieces.
  5. Roll each 7cm piece a bit more so each piece is 15cm in length. Place one dark and one light colour together then twist them together to make a coiled rope effect. Handle the Fimo carefully so the 2 colours twist evenly together.
  6. Check the length of the coil to see if it is big enough to for around the base. Gently stretch it out if you need to, then cut across the coil at diagonal using a craft knife. Push the 2 ends together to make an ‘O’ shape then, then with the tea light in place, press the coil around the base.
  7. Make 2 more coils in the same way with the remaining pieces, gently pressing them one above the other in 3 layers onto the base. Check there is a bit of space between the side of tea light and the Fimo, pull the coils outwards if you need to. Remove the tea light from the middle.
  8. Bake Fimo in a pre-heated oven at 110ºC. Allow to cool before handling and placing the tea light inside.
2-Tone Tea Light Holders 2-Tone Tea Light Holders 2-Tone Tea Light Holders

Top Tip

Use wet wipes to keep your fingers clean so darker Fimo colours don’t transfer onto the White.