5 Egg Painting Ideas for Easter

Get imaginative this Easter and try something different with your egg decorating. These egg painting techniques are perfect to create an Easter table centrepiece or a whimsical window display.

5 Egg Painting Ideas for Easter

How to Make

Bubble Painted Eggs

How about trying the fun technique of bubble painting to decorate your ceramic eggs this year? Taking just dish soap, pastel coloured paint and a straw, you can create amazing Easter ornaments that can be used year after year.
To make your own bubble painted ceramic eggs here’s what to do:
Step 1: Mix 1/4 cup of water with a generous squirt of paint and washing up liquid.
Step 2: Mix using your straw and start blowing to create bubbles.
Step 3: Take your ceramic egg and dip it into the overflowing bubbles you’ve created. Leave to dry and repeat.
Check out the full project here.

String Art Eggs

Make perfectly pastel-coloured crackled eggs to hang and display using this fun string art technique.
Here’s how to make your own string art egg decorations:
Step 1: Tightly wrap wool around your ceramic eggs. Use glue dots to secure the two ends of wool to the egg.
Step 2: Using a mini sponge paint dabber apply your chosen paint.
Step 3: Unravel the wool to reveal your design.
Check out the full project here.

Tissue Paper Eggs

Give your eggs a different texture with this very simple but effective decorative technique.
To make tissue paper eggs here’s what to do:
Step 1: Brush your plastic egg with glue and cover with a layer of tissue paper. Three small tissue circles are needed for each egg.
Step 2: Once dry paint in your chosen paint colour and then apply a second coat to get an opaque finish.
Step 3: You can then paint on your desired pattern using a paintbrush or even a cotton bud.
Look at how we used these painted tissue paper eggs in a recent Easter Wreath project.

Personalised Eggs

Ceramic decorations are the perfect blank canvas for getting creative and what’s cuter than an Easter Egg with your name on it? Using pastel porcelain paint and ribbon you can create beautiful 3D hanging decorations or even Easter Sunday lunch placenames for the table.

String Wrapped Eggs

This intricate decorative technique is a fantastic way to add new life to plastic eggs. Using string, simply wrap the egg and add your very own unique designs.
Here’s how to make string wrapped egg decorations:
Step 1: Wrap doubled sided tape around the egg.
Step 2: Holding the egg in one hand, now begin to wrap the string from the top of the egg until the entire surface is covered.
Step 3: Sponge paint the string using a mini sponge paint dabber.
Step 4: Now take more string, roughly 20 – 30 cm in length, and begin to glue onto the egg in small circles or curvy lines.
Check out the full project here.

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