4 Easy Educational Crafts

Engage their minds through crafting with these 4 fantastic learning aids. There are two different visual ways to help kids count, a phonics game and a summer themed art project that will spark creativity and understanding of optical illusions. Ready, set, go!

4 Easy Educational Crafts

How to Make

Whale Counting Cup
This simple but effective counting tool will help pre-schoolers with their counting and number recognition. They’ll love watching the whale gobble up the fish!
To make your own counting cup here’s what you’ll need to have on hand:
• Party Cups
• A4 Coloured Paper
• Rainbow Colours Porcelain Paint Pens
• Porcelain Painting Outline Pens
• Self-Adhesive Wiggle-Eyes
• Pencil
• Double-sided Tape
• Ruler
• Scissors
• Black Pen
Check out the full project here and download the free template.

Summer Agamograph
If you haven’t heard of an agamograph before then you’re not alone. Simply, it’s a folded series of images that show two different pictures when viewed from opposing angles. This craft is great for creative kids looking to learn about optical illusions, perspective and movement art.
Here’s what you’ll need to make this Summer Agamograph:
• Broad Tip Marker Pens
• Glue Stick
• Card & Paper
• Scissors
• Ruler
To get the full how-to instructions head over to the project page here and download the free template.

Ladybird Counting Game
Get counting with this bug-tastic game made of felt. Match up the dots with the number and just watch as kids count their way to 10 or beyond.
Make your very own Ladybird Counting Game with these supplies:
• Felt Sheets Value Pack
• Jumbo Self-Adhesive Wiggle-Eyes
• Pipe Cleaners Value Pack
• Hook & Loop Self-Adhesive Craft Dots
• Super Tacky Multi-Purpose Glue
• Pencil
• Scissors
Find the full project and free downloadable template here.

Phonics Sorting Sticks
Teach phonics in a fun way with an easy sorting stick game made from an upcycled cardboard tube.
To make a Phonics Sorting Stick game here’s what you’ll need:
• Craft Sticks
• Acrylic Paint
• PVA Glue
• Cardboard tube x 2
• Scissors
Check out the full project here and download the free template.

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