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Battery Disposal

How can I dispose of batteries?

Instead of throwing your batteries in the bin, there are a few other methods of disposal which are safe and do not threaten environmental and ecological systems.


Battery banks?

Local authorities often provide battery banks at local institutions such as supermarkets and leisure centres which are frequented by residents, giving you an easy opportunity to drop off and safely recycle any used batteries. Simply take any batteries which you need to dispose of and place them into the battery bank. They will then be safely removed and taken away to be recycled by local authorities.


Request a battery bag for recycling

Some people do not have time to drop their batteries at their local authorities or may simply prefer their unwanted batteries collected from their home. In these instances, a bag can be provided by local authorities in which you can place any batteries that are to be recycled. If you aren’t provided with a bag, many authorities allow you to use a resealable sandwich bag.

Once the bag is full, just leave it on top of your recycling bin and your local authority will collect them and leave a new bag for you under the bin’s lid. Loose batteries should never be placed in with your dry mixed recyclables, as they must be separated out and can contaminate the other waste.