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  • Mini Makes: Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration

    It’s always nice when you find a new idea to try, and that’s exactly how we felt when we discovered that our polystyrene balls could be turned into striking pom pom trees when combined with the right crafty essentials!


    Christmas Pom Pom Tree


    This cracking Christmas make is really simple and would look great as the centrepiece for your festive feast. We also have big plans to have one of these on our desks in the run up to the big day to add a bit of seasonal cheer to the office.


    Children can definitely get creative with this activity – painting the pot and decorating the polystyrene ball – but we recommend adult supervision when handling the wooden skewer as the ends can be quite sharp.


    To get started, cover your work surface and your clothing, and make sure you have plenty of space to get creative.


    Colour the inside of a mini porcelain flower pot with you desired shade of green, either using porcelain paints or pen, and leave to dry. Then paint the outside bright red, as shown, taking care where the two colours meet. You might want to apply more than one coat to get smooth, even coverage. Put to one side.


    Take a polystyrene ball and a selection of red, white, green and metallic pom poms and start sticking the pom poms to the ball using Glue Dots. Try to make the arrangement of colours and sizes quite random and keep going until the entire ball is covered.


    Take another polystyrene ball and trim into a small square that will fit inside the flowerpot, or use a small ready-cut polystyrene cube. Place it inside the pot.


    Colour a wooden skewer green to match the inside of the pot, then leave to dry. Push one end of the skewer carefully into the centre of the block, then push the other end through the centre of the pom pom covered ball.


    Now your pom pom tree is complete and ready to be displayed! For an extra festive touch, try scrunching up metallic or Christmas coloured paper and pushing it into the flower pot to hide the polystyrene block inside.


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